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The mission of Classical Revolution is to:

 -Present concerts involving both traditional and modern approaches 
-Engage the community by offering chamber music performances in highly accessible venues, such as bars and cafes
-Collaborate with local musicians and artists from various styles and backgrounds.


The purpose of this series is to design opportunities for classical musicians to share their craftwork and to augment the availability of classical music in the community.  Our performers are professional musicians, conservatory students, and accomplished amateurs.  Many are employed by regional orchestras and ensembles including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Dayton Philharmonic, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, concert:nova and more.  Together we represent the teachers and performers in our community and our participation in Classical Revolution Cincinnati is a form of outreach to engage the general public in listening to and talking about music.  Each concert generally follows a format of presenting ensembles (local or travelling chamber groups) followed by a "reading session" with our rotating-member Revolution Quartet.  We encourage socializing and applause during our events!  Don't be afraid to talk or clap!

​Classical Revolution is a global movement dedicated to bringing classical music to the people.  Founded in San Francisco in 2006, there are now chapters in cities all over the world from Paris to Vancouver to Bandung Indonesia, and to Cincinnati!



Classical Revolution Cincinnati is a proud partner organization of the Constella Festival

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